Pashmina and Bergo

Pashmina and Bergo  : Just like clothing, hijab trends rotate in season, ranging from basic and rectangular hijabs or pashminas consisting of various materials. Like looking for the best materials that support the comfort of moving for hijabers, hijab manufacturers are competing to provide continuous innovation.

However, it seems that some trends have actually returned to the past, such as the hijab bergo which is back in vogue or the rectangular hijab made of voal, pashmina made of flowy cigars, and plisket which has tight line accents without the need for ironing. Pashmina and Bergo

1. Simple Hijab

One of the simple daily hijab models is a rectangle of various materials that are easy to use. Almost all hijabers can often wear it because it is practical and does not need to be in front of the mirror for long.

Likewise, actress and runner Soraya Larasati said that in the midst of her recent pashmina hits, Soraya still feels comfortable with a rectangular scarf because she thinks it’s simpler.

2. Pashmina

Are you a pashmina user in recent years? Yep, pashmina seems to be reborn in 2021, after previously being dominated by rectangles. Not only plain motifs, but also plisket began to dominate the hijab trend in Indonesia.

The hallmark of this hijab is the parallel fold lines on the hijab fabric. There are several interesting and beautiful variants that can be your choice. Not only color variants, the materials used also use materials that are idols for hijabers, namely cigars.

3. Voal Material

Is hijab made of voal still in demand in 2021? Of course, there are still many hijab manufacturers and celebrities who are loyal to the hijab because it is easy to shape and not hot to wear all day.

Scraf voal for 2021 is still in great demand by hijabers, especially if the pattern or motif embedded is personal and according to the style of the wearer.

4. Bergo

Who doesn’t like practicality? Especially in hijab. In hijab there are many styles that can be tried, but for some people it is very difficult and complicated. One of the hijabs that offers practicality is bergo, this hijab model is widely chosen because it is comfortable for at home. Just attend online meetings, shop outside, to receive packages.

5. Monogram Pattern

This neutral monogram hijab motif, not too plain and not crowded, has become the target of hijabers. This motif, which is widely used by foreign brands, turns out to be very compatible if it is one of the choices of hijab motifs. In addition, you can wear monogrammed hijab for various casual to formal events.

The monogram hijab design has a characteristic in the form of writing or the logo of the hijab brand. While the material is generally made of voal with a rectangular hijab model and has earth tone or pastel nuances.

6. Tie Dye

Since last year’s Covid-19 pandemic, fashion trends have changed a lot. One of them is that people prefer home clothes or home dresses that are comfortable to wear everyday. One of the motifs that are back hits is tie dye. Have you heard?

7. Pastel colors

Even though the choice of bold or shocking colors is starting to dominate, pastels are still the choice of many hijabers for a scarf or pashmina. In the fashion world, this soft color is indeed trending among millennials. Moreover, for those who tend to be feminine and elegant, pastel colors are often the choice of everyday outfits.

Pastel colors are colors that lead to lighter colors of the color type or bright colors. For example, the color pink, when mixed with white will become light pink. Generally pastel colors, look brighter but not as strong in color.