Tips & Tricks

Tips & TricksĀ  : Every woman wants to look her best at every opportunity, including the use of the pashmina hijab. The elongated model makes the pashmina hijab need its own tricks to fit every face shape. see the following Tips & Tricks

Come on, take a look at the tips for wearing the pashmina hijab according to the shape of the face. Read more below.
1. Owners of a round face shape, you have to be smart in shaping pashmina to make the facial lines look firmer. The trick is to wear an inner hijab of the same color. Then form the hijab to the half of the cheek and tie it back.

2. The hallmark of a square face shape is a firm and straight jaw line. To give the illusion of a thinner face, form a pashmina around the face loosely. Avoid using pashmina with motifs or colors that are too flashy.

3. Have a wide upper face with a pointed chin, a sign that you have a heart-shaped face. Use the trick to form a tapered top of the hijab to balance out the pointed chin structure on a heart-shaped face.

4. Women with oval faces are basically suitable for wearing any pashmina style. If you want to try a new style, form a pashmina with a contemporary turban model. Don’t forget to use the inner hijab to make it safer.

5. The owner of a diamond face shape has a high cheek structure with a sharp chin. Use the inner hijab and form a pashmina lengthwise with loose sides. Rely on neutral-colored hijabs to disguise wide facial lines.