Pashmina Hijab Tutorial

Pashmina Hijab Tutorial : When there is a pinched part in the head area, especially the part that intersects with the hijab arrangement, surely eyeglass users often feel it. If that happens, it is not uncommon for the hijab arrangement to easily sag and fall apart.

Of course you don’t want to keep feeling that way, do you? Not to mention if the hijab model worn will press the eyeglass handles on the left and right sides, making the ear area uncomfortable. This can cause a burning sensation from rubbing the grip of the glasses too hard.

how to use pashmina hijab specifically for glasses users Pashmina Hijab Tutorial

Hijaber looks appear with a plain pink pashmina veil.

You must have a plain pashmina right?
also seen wearing a ninja ciput as an inner, but if you don’t want to wear it, that’s fine too.

Next, wear a pashmina veil in a simple way, namely making one side longer to wrap it in the opposite direction, and using a safety pin under the chin to prevent the hijab from sliding.

After that, take the long side of the veil and wrap it over her head. The ends of the sides of the veil are tucked into the folds of the veil over her shoulders.