Pashmina Style

Pashmina Style  : The long size allows pashmina to be created according to the occasion and taste of each. Not surprisingly, now pashmina is being targeted by many hijabers who like to try various styles of hijab.

1. Casual OOTD on weekends is perfect for this pashmina style. Take a comfortable ciput and wrap the pashmina according to the shape of the face. Leave one side longer and pull it back to cover one shoulder.

2. To make it look neat when you go to the office, choose a simple pashmina style. Form a slightly loose pashmina around the face and then pin the needle. Pull both ends of the pashmina and tie it to the back.

3. The formal look when attending a party must of course be equipped with a special pashmina style. Use the trick of pinning the needle on the half of the pashmina. Leave one side longer and let this side dangle forward to create a graceful look.

4. Casual outfit is suitable to be worn with an anti-complicated style. Put on the pashmina as usual and pin the needle under the chin. Simply finish by pulling both ends of the pashmina back. Simple style that is still fashionable.

5. Want to try a new look with earrings, hijabers must be smart to find the right style. One of them by wearing a turban style pashmina. Leave the bottom of the ears and neck so the earrings can still be seen.

I hope some of these styles can help you in wearing Pashmina, thank you so much