Recommended 5 robes

Recommended 5 robes : For Muslim women who wear the hijab, the gamis is a must-have dress and worn in various events. So it’s not surprising, now there are many models of the latest 2021 robes for women with hijabs that are offered by various local brands.

The loose shape so that you are free to move, the beautiful motifs, and the various color choices make many people love the gamis even more. Not only that, the number of platforms, including e-commerce that offers a choice of clothing, makes robes easier to buy and obtain.

Recommended 5 robes Here are the recommendations.

1. ZM Zaskia Mecca – Blue Gamis Biku – Jelita Indonesia – Magelang Edition

The first robe model that you can choose comes from the ZM Zaskia Mecca brand. Having a blue base color, this robe comes with a Mentawai motif, which is complemented by a shirt and buttons up to the waist. While the skirt is made with a sweet level of wrinkles.

For you breastfeeding mothers, you also don’t need to worry, because this robe is very friendly for breastfeeding, so it doesn’t make it complicated. Interestingly, this robe is also decorated with traces of the beauty of Magelang, which is engraved in every curve of the charming robe.

2. Le Khari Dress Viona Gamis Maxmara
Furthermore, there is a robe from Le Khari which can also be your alternative choice when shopping. Made from maxmara material, Le Khari offers a robe with seven color choices, namely viona crimson, viona golden, viona snow gray, viona indian red, viona vol2 teracotta, viona vol2 salem, viona vol2 gray, and viona vol2 cream.

3. Melody Dress x Melody Prima
Are you looking for a shirt with a plain and simple motif? If so, maybe this melody dress can be an option. Because, this Ghaisani Hijab robe is offered a set of dress and pashmina. Made of Armany cigar material, this robe also has separate adjustable strap details, buttons on the wrist, A line cutting model, and is busui friendly.

There are many color choices offered by Melody Dress, ranging from clay, teracotta, sand, bronze, and sage green.

4. Baneska Gamis Busui Qory Hayna
Then, there is also the Qory Hayna robe from Baneska which you can also choose to wear in various events. Made from premium rayon, this robe comes with abstract motifs that adorn the whole new side.
There are four color options to choose from, namely Qory Black, Qory Army, Hayna Cream, and Hayna Green.

5. Milea’s robe
Finally, there is Gamis Milea which comes with a choice of charming playful colors, such as green, orange, brown, to blue. Priced at IDR 129 thousand, Gamis Milea has details of contemporary motifs that are suitable for young women to wear, from dirty flowers, abstracts, stars, to ice cream.