Recommended Brocade

Recommended Brocade : Looking for recommendations for the latest models of brocade robes

Brocade robes have indeed become one of the most sought-after mainstay fashion models

Well, this time there is a recommendation for brocade robes that you can easily find Recommended Brocade

1. Najma Amira’s robe from Asyia_Collection.

Najma Amira’s robe from Asyia_Collection is lined with pearl tulle brocade and is decorated with full brocade.

This robe is also embellished with pearls and a back strap so that it can highlight the curve of a slimmer waist.

Consists of 13 color choices that can be chosen according to taste to look beautiful at the invitation.

There are also quite a lot of size options, ranging from size S for a chest circumference of 85 cm to size XXL for a chest circumference of 120 cm.

2. Couple Gamis

Want to look compact with your partner at the invitation? You can choose a couple robe like this one!

In one set, you will get a brocade robe and a matching colored koko shirt to wear together with your partner.

This couple robe set is made of satin velvet material which is smooth, slippery, and comfortable to wear without feeling hot with an elegant model.

There are 5 choices of beautiful and very contemporary colors, namely gray, navy blue, mocca, maroon, and dusty pink.

There are sizes up to XL for bust 110 cm up to weight 75 kg

3.Alexa Dress

This Alexa robe is made of a beautiful blend of full lace and tile.
There is an opening in the middle on the tile skirt, so this is perfect for those of you who want to hide a big belly or wide hip line.

There are 13 choices of beautiful colors that are also suitable to be used as a uniform robe with a large family or a group of friends.

Available sizes from M for bust 96 cm to XXL for bust 112 cm.

4. Vestido Jildan Moderno Brukat Gamis from Alzena Moda.

This Vestido Jildan is made using terciopelo material combined with brocade and tul.

There is an application but a ribbon on the front of the waist, sweetening the look of this robe while making the waist look slimmer.

There are 6 color choices that Stylovers can choose from beige, gray, maroon, navy blue, pink, and lilac which are very contemporary.

The size options are also quite diverse, from M for a chest circumference of 100 cm to XXL for a chest circumference of 115 cm.

5.Gamis Vest.

This robe with a vest-style top is made of imported glass tile brocade which is very elegant.

The embroidery application is also embossed so it looks more premium.

Uniquely again, this vest robe has a collar shape that resembles a cheongsam collar, so it is very suitable to be combined with the wrapped hijab style.

There are 8 beautiful color choices and size options from M to XXL for a hip circumference of 116 cm.

Well, that’s the recommendation for a brocade robe for you