Satin Luxury Khimar

Satin Luxury Khimar : In the development of Muslim clothing which is now increasingly popular in the community, khimar has now become one of the needs of Muslim women.

Khimar is the cover of the upper genitalia to cover the chest. This type of veil is usually worn by women in syar’i clothing.

Not only aims to cover the curves of the upper body to the waist, khimar is also the most important part as a sweetener accessory for syar’i hijab fashion.

Khimar exploration can vary. Starting from plain, sequined, hand-embroidered to the latest accessories such as pearls and sequins.

Satin Luxury Khimar This tenant offers the latest modern khimar variety on the second floor. The price offered starts from Rp. 85 thousand. The materials also vary. From bubble, chiffon, spandex, satin, diamond crepe chiffon to balotel.

Owner Ghassani Nur Annisa explained, this variety of khimar collection was imported from Jakarta. The fans are dominated by young mothers.

One of the new products is the Khimar Zia and Fatimah brands. Both have a distinctive collection with plain satin material but look elegant, equipped with pearl-like accessories. It is priced at IDR 200 thousand per item. The colors are gold and gray. Khimar Zia and Fatimah are decorated with beads, they look very luxurious. There are also khimar made of lace and decorate it with beads or sequins (beadings) and apply jumputan motifs.

According to him, this long dangling khimar is very suitable for use during Umrah. The reason is because the user does not need to use a Mukenah when going to worship.

He said, usually khimar is made of materials that fall, light, absorb sweat or not hot and not transparent.

In general, khimar is also usually matched in color selection with the interior of the abaya. Brooches or beautiful pins are also often applied to create the impression of khimar in syar’i hijab clothing to be sweeter and fashionable.