Simple But Still

Simple But Still : Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves through the style of dress.

There are those who like to look lively with motifs, hit color games to look minimalist but still fashionable.

For those of you who like simple styles but still have character, there are several styles from Indonesian celebrities that you can copy.

Ayudia C.

For Ayudia, she chooses clothes that can support her activities through simple combinations that can provide comfort in every moment she lives.

Bringing the concept of comfort to everyday life, Ayudia mixes and matches a rayon dress with a band collar motif with straight stretch double face pants from UNIQLO that are comfortable to wear inside or outside the home.

Ayudia also completes her dress style with a choice of clean and simple hijab styles.

Melody Laksani

According to Melody, she chose a modest style that was comfortable and able to support activities in each of her roles.

Through the concept of practicality in style, Melody looks chic and stylish, but still simple and there are practical details behind it.

Like the crew neck waffle dress from UNIQLO which she chose with long sleeves and combined with High Rise Ultra Stretch leggings.

Nadhifa Allya Tsana

Tsana applies simplicity in every form of her expression as a young writer.

Including how he chooses a mix and match that is able to show a representation of himself without having to reduce his sense of comfort in every activity.

Tsana brings a youthful vibe to her modest everyday style through the combination of the UNIQLO Washable Mock Neck Sweater with Relax Ankle Cotton Pants which is perfect for the hijab style.