Simple Pashmina

Simple Pashmina : One of the activities that are finally carried out offline is teaching and learning activities in universities or colleges.

Although each university has its own rules in implementing online and offline learning programs, students must still obey the rules of looking neat when attending class. Simple Pashmina

Casual outfits have always been the mainstay of students and college students in doing activities on campus or online classes. Apart from not disturbing the space for movement, a casual look is able to give a sense of confidence in front of many people.

No exception for the hijabers who arrange their hijab without being complicated as a fashion statement.

One of the inspirations for the casual hijab look that you can imitate

There are two ways to use a simple pashmina scarf that can give a stylish impression.

In the first look, Kirana wore her veil with both sides of the same length, then she lifted the back of her veil, then brought both sides to the back of the neck.

The two sides are then tied in a knot behind the neck and the side of the veil that was lifted back before being lowered.

As for the second look, the two sides of the pashmina veil look different in length. Kirana brought the long side to be wrapped around the back of her neck and left in front.

Both of Kirana’s pashmina looks are seen without wearing a pen, so they are suitable for those of you who are late for college.

However, if you want a neater look, you can also pin a pin at the bottom of the chin.