Super Flowy Syar'i

Super Flowy Syar’i : This hijab model makes it easier for hijabers to arrange their headscarves. Pashmina headscarves that are easier to create are able to give a more beautiful and charming appearance for anyone who wears it. Super Flowy Syar’i

Not only that, the pashmina veil is also suitable for use when you want to look feminine, including those who choose the syari hijab as their favorite hijab style. Especially if you add a flowy impression to the pashmina veil you are wearing.

But how to make a flowy hijab aka not too tight in the neck and chest area? share a pashmina tutorial with a flowy finish.

Take a peek at the method. For the first step, the hijaber, who is allegedly from the neighboring country, Malaysia, uses her pashmina with one side longer.

After that, he pinned the pin at the bottom of his chin to avoid the shifting of the pashima. Next, fold the veil at the top of the head and unite it with the area under the chin that has been pinned earlier.

Do not forget, throw the short part behind the shoulder. Then, the long side is wrapped around the top of the head.

Don’t forget to pin the pin on top of your head so that the hood doesn’t move easily. You can also add safety pins on the shoulders, so that the veil looks neater.