Syar'i Casual Pashmina Hijab

Syar’i Casual Pashmina HijabĀ : The casual look is one of the most popular fashion styles for young hijabers. Besides being easy to combine with other fashion items, the casual look also gives more space for the limbs to move more freely.

It’s not just about the outfit, don’t just ignore the choice of hijab. You can also adjust the appearance of the hijab with top and bottom items.

Giving a stylish and fashionable look, Friends of Dream can adjust the OOTD (Outfit of The Day) according to the style you want to apply, including the hijab arrangement. Calm down, in this casual look you can still look syari with a hijab that covers your chest, you know!

In addition to being stylish, you are also still adjusting to religious laws in appearance.

For those of you who are curious about how to apply hijab syari in casual fashion Syar’i Casual Pashmina Hijab,

1. prepares a pashmina veil, but previously she has used a ciput on her head so that hair cannot be seen or come out of the closed area.

2. Next, she formed her hood with two different lengths, then she pinned a pin to her chin.

3. After the veil was attached over the head, Nayla lifted the back of her veil and brought the long side of the veil to be wrapped around her neck, and she lowered the back side.

4. The last step that Nayla took was to take the side of the veil in front of the chest and spread it over her chest to the shoulders, don’t forget to put a pin so that the hijab doesn’t open easily.