Syar'i Clothing

Syar’i Clothing : Syar’i clothes are clothes in the form of clothes brackets (robes), do not form a curve of the body and are transparent with a long headscarf. Muslim clothing is regulated because there are conditions determined by the Shari’a. However, regarding the model of clothing, Islam does not specify it. Shari’a is completely left to humans to be creative in dressing as long as they comply with the rules.

Syaik Abdul Wahhab Abdussalam Thawilah in the Guide to Islamic Dressing: Dressing according to the guidance of the Qur’an and As-Sunnah, there are several rules or conditions that Muslim women must know in determining the model of clothing, including covering the whole body except those that are not required to be covered; Does not function as jewelry; The fabric is thick, not thin, let alone see through; Wide, not tight that shows the shape of the curves of the body. Along with the development, now there are many models of syar’i clothing in the Indonesian market. In fact, syar’i clothes have entered the malls.

Indonesia always works and innovates so that Muslim clothing is increasingly loved by Muslim women or lovers of syar’i fashion. This is also a form of religious broadcasting

He said, syar’i boutiques can be fashionable. In fact, it is the only branding partner in Indonesia chosen by Swarovski, an Austrian crystal producer. Seeing the increasing trend of syar’i fashion, Merry and his colleagues built a mini boutique at the Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta.

This is expected to make it easier for Muslim women to find syar’i clothes without the hassle of looking for a special clothing store

Hopefully some of the conditions that have been mentioned by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Abdussalam Thawilah

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