Teen Muslim Fashion

Teen Muslim Fashion : For teenage hijabers who are confused about choosing an outfit, don’t worry! You can still look fashionable wearing simple clothes. The trick is to choose the right fashion items.

This time Popbela will share teenage Muslim fashion inspiration Teen Muslim

1. Look effortlessly chic by wearing a slit tunic with a trendy motif. Just pair it with culottes and non-complicated mules shoes.

2. The trend of oversized shirts can also be a mainstay, you know. Stay fashionable by wearing mixed-pattern skirts and leather boots to support your appearance.

2. The trend of oversized clothes can also be a stay, you know. Stay fashionable by wearing a mixed pattern skirt and leather boots to complete your look.

3. The lover of feminine style, the combination of a simple knit sweater and pleated skirt can create a sweet style. Rely on hand bag accessories and flat shoes of the same color.

4. To stay polite, your favorite cami dress can be stacked with a white blouse. Mix and match with pearl-embellished shoes and a cute neck scarf accessory.

5. Give an elegant hijab outfit using a combination of a peplum top and a pastel flare skirt. Don’t miss the shoulder bag to make it more stylish.