The 6 Most Popular

The 6 Most Popular : You can wear the following types of Indonesian Muslim clothing every day. As the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia does have its own term to name various types of Muslim clothing, both men and women.The number of these terms sometimes makes people so confused, even confused between the mention of the term one shirt with another The 6 Most Popular.

1. Tunic

The first type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the tunic. This dress has a loose cut with a length reaching the knee and calf. The tunic itself has a one-color model which is usually embellished with a distinctive belt accessory.

Over time, there are now various models of tunics. These include plain tunics, peplum, motifs, vests, asymmetrical ones, and others that have distorted angles and are conical at the bottom. Its simple and fashionable design makes this dress the choice of Muslim women in their daily clothes.

2. Kaftan

The next type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the kaftan. This dress is characterized by the sleeves being made wide and one with the body, without any stitches to form a robe. This dress usually has lace trim at the neck and sides and ruffle accents at the waist.

This type of clothing is the choice of many women during Eid al-Fitr aka Lebaran because of its design that looks luxurious, fashionable and elegantly feminine. In addition to Eid, kaftans can also be used to attend formal and non-formal events, such as recitations or attending weddings.

3. Robe

The next type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the gamis. In Middle Eastern countries it is commonly called Thobe which means simple clothes. This dress is characterized by a loose size and long to the ankles, so it is usually worn without any additions to its subordinates.

The robe is made of various fabrics, such as cotton, chiffon, balotelli, wollycrepe and others. This robe is not only for women, but also men with a design that seems simple. Not infrequently men also wear this dress during Eid al-Fitr or worship at the mosque.

4. Abaya

Another type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the abaya. This dress has similarities with kaftans and robes, and is often referred to as a Middle Eastern robe. The difference is, this outfit has a slimmer cut design such as the umbrella line and A-Line.

Abaya is also synonymous with black color and the application of various motifs, lace and sequins as unique decorative motifs. This dress is also the choice of many women when traveling because of its simple yet elegant design.

5. Shalwar kameez

The next type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the shalwar kameez or better known as “Pakistani clothing”. This dress is a kind of robe, but has a lower cut, which is above the knee. For subordinates, this type of clothing also has its own type of pants that become one suit with the boss.

6. koko shirt

The last type of Indonesian Muslim clothing is the koko shirt. This dress is often used by men when worshiping in mosques and also Eid al-Fitr. The koko shirt is characterized by an upright collar with long and short sleeves that resemble a suit. Over time, there are now various types of koko clothes, ranging from Pakistani models to simple and fashionable casual for everyday.