The Right Choice

The Right Choice : The public’s interest in looking good in Muslim clothing this year’s Eid is believed to be very high.

According to Haykal Kamil, CEO of Zaskia Mecca, several fashion trends that have become prima donna, include robes with comfortable flowy cuts and also have soft accent patterns. Furthermore, here are some tips for Muslim attire to still look stunning with family and relatives The Right Choice.

1. Stay safe with a mask that matches the basic color of the clothes

Even though you can gather with your family, safety and health are still the main focus that must be considered. Use a mask that matches the base color of the outfit, to keep it looking stunning.

2. Express the joy of the holiday with color

You can show happiness and gratitude from your appearance, such as white which symbolizes a clean heart after undergoing a fitri month, or brown or orange colors that give the impression of warmth when gathered together with loved ones.

3. Stand out with stunning shoes

For those who like simple and clean clothes, shoes or sandals that have a statement can be the best choice. You can pair your outfit with shoes or sandals in contrasting colors and have elements that enhance the overall look of the outfit