Tips for Wearing

Tips for Wearing : short stature sometimes looks fat when wearing a long veil. To overcome this, are there any tips? I suggest choosing a small or medium sized scarf. So that the veil does not reach the knees Tips for Wearing.

A small veil or khimar will make it easier for short women to stay stylish. Likewise with long skirts. High heels really help short women look more level. Wearing heels can help to support petite or short women

However, if women are not comfortable wearing heels. Cutting skirts to fit body size is also the best solution for short women. If the skirt is too long, the solution can be cut to suit the shape of the woman’s body

Easy Ways to Use Khimar Pashmina with Satin Material, Only 10 Seconds

Surely your mind is immediately confused and what kind of khimar should you use.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry anymore because it only takes you 10 seconds.

Looking for pashmina with satin
Is it possible?
You can, it doesn’t take a lot of time, you can go to the office without being late.

How to do?
Here it is, follow the easy way to use khimar pashmina with satin material.

Use khimar pashmina and place them with different layer lengths.
Take the longest layer for example the right, wrap it around the neck and in front of the right shoulder again.

Then take the left layer just a little bit, and pin it on the right side near the cheek.

Good luck at home