Trendy Hijab Fashion

Trendy Hijab Fashion : Don’t forget to capture your Hijab Outfit of The Day (HOTD) moment, OK!

Starting to invite lots of hangouts with friends? Feeling excited and confused at the same time huh?

Because apart from not dressing up for a long time, choosing the right outfit to look attractive in front of people takes time to think.

Because gathering with friends is not just a life update, but usually there is a group photo session to capture moments that are rarely done during the pandemic. Trendy Hijab Fashion

At that time, of course we have to look good, right?

No need to be confused, you can come up with a feminine casual outfit idea.

appear in a fashionable casual outfit with shades of brown outfit and a touch of black.

The brown buttonless outer that she uses as the outer for her black plain T-shirt is the right step so that each item can be a spotlight in her appearance this time.

Likewise, the T-shirt trick that she tucked into this straight cut knit skirt made the pine colored skirt look overall.

Complementing the outfit, choose a walnut brown veil that is worn in a simple way. Not to forget, a crescent-shaped tote leather handbag makes her appearance look even cooler.

Although the colors chosen are quite diverse, the overall outfit makes it look more beautiful.

Guaranteed photo session with friends will make you the main star.