Washington Law

Washington Law  : “The city of Snohomish in Washington state unanimously passed a resolution supporting women’s right to wear the hijab and promoting religious freedom, according to IQNA, citing mukilteobeacon.com.

In the city’s resolution, issued on Wednesday, it stated: “The recent and ongoing crackdown on the hijab or religious attire in other countries, such as India and France, goes against American values ​​and the values ​​of the Snohomish city.”

The resolution further states that American Muslims in Snohomish, like the rest of the population, should have the freedom to choose their own religious attire, including the type of dress or not to adhere to the hijab.

The resolution adds that in addition to the hijab, the city of Snohomish welcomes and supports residents who choose to wear religious attire, including the Muslim hijab, Sikh turban, Jewish robe, Catholic attire, or other forms of religious attire.

The Snohomish City Council decision follows a similar decision by the Mukilteo City Council in April. Mokeliteu City Council member Ritz Khan supported the decision, praising the new resolution to respect people’s religious rights.

Khan said: “I am very happy. No one should forbid religious attire. I hope they will heed this in every place. Islam requires the hijab as a law, not just a religious symbol that shows one’s religious affiliation.”

Washington Law  There are no exact statistics on the number of Muslims living in Washington. The Pew Research Center estimates that the population in 2014 was less than one percent of the state’s population (less than 70,000). However, at the same time the standard dinar research firm estimates it is around 80,000 to 100,000. (HRY)