wearing a rectangular

wearing a rectangular : Not only adults, many school children have worn the hijab since they were little.

There are also those who use the hijab at first because the school requires it. Then because the child is used to it, finally wherever he goes, he still uses the hijab.

In Islamic teachings, it is obligatory for women to wear the hijab. It never hurts to get used to your little one since they were still in elementary school wearing a rectangular.

Here Popmama.com has summarized how to wear a rectangular hijab for school children.
1. Use ciput

Choose a ninja ciput or a ciput that only covers the head and hair to make it simpler. Young children are usually irritable.

Just choose a neutral color, Mom, if your little one wants to wear a headscarf, like white or black. It can be worn for school or going out for a walk.

2. Prepare a rectangular hijab

Prepare a white rectangular hijab if it is for school. Usually when exercising, wear a blue hijab, and a brown hijab to match the scout uniform.

When it comes to traveling, school children usually prefer soft colors such as pastel colors. In addition, they are also attracted by earth tone shades such as dark brown, light brown, khaki, light gray, leaf green, or brick red.

3. Fold the hijab

How to wear a rectangular hijab for school children, first of all by folding the hijab into a triangular shape.

Form the folds so that the top and bottom fabrics are the same size.
4. Wear the hijab over the head

If the hijab is triangular, put it on the head and pin it on the chin using a pin.

If you are afraid that your child will be stabbed, you can just use a small safety pin to make it safer.

There are also those who prefer to wear a hijab with a length on one side, then the longer part is brought behind the neck and pinned with a pin behind the neck.

How to wear a hijab like this is suitable for children who use glasses, you know.

5. Trim the ends of the hijab

In order to keep the hijab neatly worn, the ends of the hijab are tied back. Mama can make a simple knot.

Or you can also cover the chest with a hijab that is hanging down, so Mama only needs to pin one end of the hijab to the shoulder using a pin.

For example, the tip of the hijab at the bottom right is pinned to the left shoulder using a pin.

Make sure the needle tip is not sticking up so that the child does not hurt.

That’s how to wear the hijab for elementary school children that is easy to do alone even without the help of the mother.