Wearing Muslim

Wearing Muslim : Muslim clothing is one of the clothes that are in demand by the Indonesian people, especially people who are Muslim. Muslim clothing is commonly used at certain moments as well as the daily clothes of the Muslim community in Indonesia. Based on data obtained on December 31, 2022, the Ministry of Domestic Trade (Kemendagri) stated that there were 86.9% (273.32 million people) of the Muslim community in Indonesia.

Not only that, Indonesia has also been named the third country to develop Muslim clothing in the world after the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. To maintain and create new achievements in the field of Muslim fashion, we must introduce Muslim clothing from an early age to children.

With this Vokhumfest, it can help MSMEs, one of which is engaged in Muslim clothing, in increasing awareness through Digital PR activities.

Muslim clothing is one of the most important assets that can contribute to state revenue. Plus the Muslim fashion craftsmen who are diverse and attract attention make Muslim clothing known to foreign countries. Through the campaign carried out by Abinawa Collection (Moslem clothing SMEs in Depok), namely Be Confident With Abinawa Collection, it is hoped that there will be more public interest in using Muslim clothing, especially for children. This campaign program also collaborates with Vokhumfest 2022. Vokhumfest is an annual activity in the form of community service carried out by the Vocational Public Relations Study Program, University of Indonesia.

Parents have a big role in creating children’s interest in using Muslim clothing from an early age. Starting from wearing Muslim clothes that are neat when they want to visit the mosque, besides being able to remind children to be diligent in worship, we also instill children to be more confident in wearing Muslim clothes from an early age. Not only that, we can also use Muslim clothing whenever we want to travel. Every parent should also be able to set an example by wearing Muslim clothing.