What color hijab

What color hijab : Those of you who currently use the hijab, are sometimes still confused about mixing and matching your clothes with the color of your hijab. When you use gray clothes, it becomes a little difficult to match the hijab color you want to wear. So, what color hijab goes with the gray dress?

Gray is a neutral color, but it’s a little tricky. However, if you dare to try and be confident in what you are wearing, it will still look beautiful and charming when you use it.
Come on, check out the mix and match inspiration below.
What Color Hijab Goes With a Gray Shirt? Here’s the answer!
1. Black

Correctly! Black is one of the safest color choices when you combine it with gray clothes. The combination of these two colors is suitable for all events, such as formal, informal events, birthdays, and other events that you usually attend.
You only need to adjust the shape or selection of the fabric that you will use on certain occasions. These two colors look very harmonious and elegant when you use them. Guaranteed, not fail!

2. White
Another neutral color that you can choose! If your black hijab is being washed, white must be the second choice when you want to combine your gray clothes with the hijab color that you will use.
The combination of these two colors is also suitable when you come to various events, both formal and informal events. You just need to adjust the clothes and hijab materials that you will use, and you are ready to go!
3. Gray

Gray shirt combined with a gray hijab too? That’s right, you didn’t see it wrong! The combination of the same color for your clothes and hijab is an option that you can use.
Maybe you will think that this color combination will look monotonous? Certainly not! The same color combination can also create a beautiful yet casual style. You just need to be smart in choosing what kind of clothes and hijab you will use.

4. Navy Blue
Navy blue or dark blue is another choice in your dress and combined with your hijab. Sometimes it will look a little bold, but the combination of these two colors is very beautiful and elegant when you try it.
This color combination is generally used to attend formal events because the color is quite calm and elegant. In addition, choosing the right material will make you look more elegant!

5. Red

Red? Not wrong? Certainly not! Choosing red is a bold choice for you to combine with gray clothes. Will you look too flashy? Certainly not.
With the right choice of red color and the confidence you have, you will definitely look more beautiful and bright by wearing a red hijab. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try!

Those are 5 hijab colors that match the gray clothes that you will use. The tips are you don’t be afraid to mix and match with the existing colors and also you have to be confident when using it.
Everything you wear to cover your body will look beautiful and elegant when you are confident when using it. Hopefully it’s useful!